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At Legendary Epoxy of Colorado, we understand the vital need for commercial epoxy flooring that not only boasts exceptional durability but also stands resilient against harsh chemicals and substantial wear and tear over time. Our cutting-edge industrial flooring systems offer a hassle-free solution, ensuring superior performance compared to traditional flooring options while prioritizing safety and cost-effectiveness.

Crafted with an industrial-grade design, our polyaspartic floors are meticulously engineered to withstand high levels of wear and tear. Whether facing constant forklift traffic or accidental heavy object impacts, our floor coatings act as a protective layer for your underlying concrete. With the robust nature of our industrial-strength epoxy flooring, you can anticipate a long-lasting solution that can endure for up to 20 years. Beyond damage resistance, our commercial epoxy coatings significantly extend the lifespan of your concrete slab.

If you find yourself frequently replacing your commercial flooring, it's time to transition to industrial epoxy flooring. By investing in this superior material, you can enjoy long-term peace of mind, confident that your flooring will adeptly meet the demands of your business.

Commercial Polished concrete denver

Epoxy floors and polished concrete have a number of characteristics that make them excellent choices in a variety of commercial applications. In fact, the applications in commercial buildings are almost limitless. We can apply a commercial epoxy coating or polished concrete on these surfaces and more:

  • Breakroom and Kitchen Countertops
  • Warehouse floors
  • Automotive Showrooms, auto repair shops and dealerships
  • Lobbies and Display
  • Office buildings
  • Public toilets, showers and locker rooms
  • Dog kennels and doggy daycares
  • Hospitals and laboratories
  • Commercial kitchens

Choose our epoxy floors and enjoy a lifetime warranty, ensuring lasting quality and durability!

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